Woo Deposits 0.3 Released

Woo Deposits 0.3.0 is ready. It’s streamlined now making it sleeker than ever. You can view update instructions in the Webatix Support Portal.

And now for that list of new features.

Here’s what you will find in the new version of the Woo Deposits plugin – all the stuff we’ve added since our initial public beta:

  1. The whole plugin flow has changed. We’ve streamlined it by only showing deposit calculations on the last stage of the checkout.
  2. But don’t worry. We also added text templates and shortcodes so your users will still know when they can (or have to) pay a deposit. Text templates are available for the single product, cart, checkout and confirmation pages. This also lets you brand the heck out of your checkout process.
  3. Deposits now work with the composite products plugin.
  4. It is fully integrated with coupons and taxes.
  5. Full integration with variations.
  6. Disable or Enable variations for any individual product.
  7. Track follow up payments made after the initial deposit in the back end.
  8. Send an invoice with the remaining balance amount.
  9. Translate the plugin with CodeStyling Localization or WPML.

That’s a lot. But there is more coming.

We’ve had a lot of requests for beefing up the process flow for follow up payment invoicing and automated invoicing. That’s a big project and we can’t wait to get started.

BUT! We want to know what else you want. Head on over to our support portal to request features and vote for other requests that you want to see implemented.

That’s almost all for now.