Larry Kokoszka

Woo Deposits and Payment Recipes Compatible with WooCommerce 2.2.10

We haven’t updated our blog in a while, but we definitely have updated our plugins! WooDeposits and Payment both hit 1.0 version earlier in 2014 and we are of course compatible with WooCommerce 2.2.10, the latest WC version as of this posting. We’ve decided to move our plugins off our corporate site, and onto […]

Let Your Shop Customers Select Their Own Payment Plan

We’re releasing version 1.0 of the Payment Recipes extension for Woo Deposits today. This version will allow you to enable a multiple payment recipes feature that gives your shop customers the ability to choose from among different payment plans that you offer. It provides more flexibility for your customers and helps achieve one of the […]

Woo Deposits and Follow Up Payments Now Available

With the release of version 0.4, the Woo Deposits plugin now allows any WooCommerce shop owner to accept a deposit and bill for the remaining balance. Meanwhile, WooCommerce shoppers get an easy way to pay for follow up payments after they’ve committed to buying something. Here’s how it works. First shoppers purchase a product. Based […]

Woo Deposits 0.3 Released

Woo Deposits 0.3.0 is ready. It’s streamlined now making it sleeker than ever. You can view update instructions in the Webatix Support Portal. And now for that list of new features. Here’s what you will find in the new version of the Woo Deposits plugin – all the stuff we’ve added since our initial public […]

WooCommerce Sites Can Now Accept Deposits

WooCommerce users can now accept deposits and partial payments for any product or service in their store. We originally built this plugin because we had a lot of clients like hotels, bed and breakfasts, surf schools and vacation package sellers who had high-end products and did not want to charge everything up front. It soon […]