WooCommerce Sites Can Now Accept Deposits

WooCommerce users can now accept deposits and partial payments for any product or service in their store.

We originally built this plugin because we had a lot of clients like hotels, bed and breakfasts, surf schools and vacation package sellers who had high-end products and did not want to charge everything up front. It soon became obvious there are a lot more uses for it and that this was one of few serious holes in the WooCommerce ecosystem.

So we built a fully-supported, solid solution and are making it available (along with support and updates) as our first premium WordPress plugin for WooCommerce.

This Woo extension calculates deposit amounts based on your rules and is compatible with any Woo payment solution you are already using. Your customers see deposit amounts and remaining balances throughout the entire checkout and confirmation process. For complete details and features go here.

We hope many people find this useful. Using deposits can support your business goals in the following ways:

  • It lowers the barrier to entry to purchasing a high-end product.
  • It gets customers to commit to something, like an event, which increases their likelihood of showing up.
  • It demonstrates that you are a reasonable business that considers your customers’ needs.
  • It lets customers select a general product or service and commit to it, but then add extras and upgrades later after they have talked to you.
  • Everyone loves layaway service! And customers tend to buy more when they use it.
  • You can lower your payment processing fees by taking a small deposit on-line and collecting the rest in cash. The paradise tourism industry will love this one 🙂

Who can use this:

  • Anyone that needs to take appointment reservations.
  • Anyone that rents products out.
  • Any consultant that wants their clients to prove their seriousness with a small cash deposit.
  • Anyone who sells high-end products.
  • Hotels, Hostels, Bed and Breakfasts
  • Vacation or Experience Package Sellers or resellers

There are many more uses for this product. We’d love to hear how you are using it in the comments. If you need support for it, please go here.