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NO RISK PURCHASE! Comes with a 60-day no-hassle money-back guarantee. Buy it, install it, try it, test it. If it's not what you needed, just let us know. Each purchase comes with two extra development activations so you can easily use the plugin on your localhost, staging server and production server.

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Product Description

Woo Deposits allows you to accept deposits or partial payments on any WooCommerce products or product variations. You can increase sales by lowering the barrier to entry on mid- to high-end products. Layaway works for the major on-line retailers. Make it work for your store!

Common Uses

This plugin has unlimited uses, but some common implementations are:

  • Hotels
  • Vacation Packages
  • Retail and Layaway
  • Any Reservable Item
  • Lawyer and Psychologists
  • Web Design and Development invoicing
  • Massage therapists
  • DJ
  • Wedding Coordinator
  • Conference Web Site
  • Life Coaching
  • Yoga Instructors
  • ANY kind of consulting or anything else that requires a down payment before making follow-up payments

To support those of you that have advanced development practices in place, each Webatix plugin license purchase entitles you to three activations so you can easily use the plugin in your local, staging and production environments. So if you purchase a 1-site license, you’ll get the activation for your production environment, as well as your local and staging activations.

Screenshots are at the bottom of this section.

Since we are constantly improving our plugins the following information is likely to be incomplete. (That’s why we have a 60 day refund period. Installing it and playing with it yourself is probably the best way to know if it fits your needs).

Global Settings

  1. Decide if you want deposit payments to be off or on by default.
  2. Set default deposit calculation type: percentage or absolute amount.
  3. Set default deposit amount.
  4. Set optional minimum per order deposit amount.
  5. Set optional maximium per order deposit amount.
  6. Set the behavior for charging your downpayment. You can force customers to pay the deposit only or give them the option of also paying the full amount.
  7. Your Customers can order from the front end or you can add orders for them on the back end.

Per Product Settings

After setting defaults, you can override them for any product.

  1. Turn deposit option off or on for each product.
  2. Use a different calculation type (percentage or flat amount)
  3. Set a different value for the deposit amount.

What Your Site Visitors will Get

  1. If you’ve selected to give them the option of paying full or deposit amount, they will make that selection on the cart page. The page will update to show order totals including deposit amount and remaining balance.
  2. The deposit amount and remaining balance are also clearly displayed on the checkout and payment confirmation pages.

And After the Purchase?

  1. The customers order will be set to pending. You get a notification.
  2. The Order Payment meta data will display the amount already paid, the order total and the remaining balance.
  3. When you get another payment, whether it is full or partial, you can add it to the amount already paid.
  4. You can send an invoice to your customer with the remaining payment amount.

If this plugin does not do exactly what you need you can either get a refund (no questions asked) or ask us to add a feature.


Benefits of Being a Webatix Plugin Customer

These built-in bonuses come with all of our plugins and woocommerce extensions:

1. Free updates for a year.
2. Two extra license activations so you can install the plugin on local and staging servers.
3. Free support for a year.
4. You never have to pay for an update to keep a plugin functional*
5. 100% refund for up to 60 days for ANY reason – we won’t even ask why you want one.
6. Always improving! We are in active development on everything. We stay up to date and we consider all feature requests seriously. (In fact, this whole plugin is a bunch of user requests tightly coded).

*Of course if you update WP or other plugins, your plugin may fall out of compatibility in which case you might have to upgrade. But we’ll never force you to if you don’t need an updated version of the plugin.

This plugin IS actively supported and we do respond pretty quickly during the week. You’ll get a human on the other end of your support requests.

Check out the Support Portal now.

Woo Deposits is required for Payment Recipes. You CAN use Woo Deposits alone, but Payment Recipes won’t work if you don’t have Woo Deposits installed.

What’s the difference?
1. Woo Deposits only allows for one follow up payment.
2. Woo Deposits invoicing is manual. The shop owner sends payment reminders via the WooCommerce built in invoicing system.
3. Payment Recipes allows for as many follow up payments as you want. The shop owner decides the amount of each payment and when it is sent.
4. Reminder emails in Payment Recipes are sent automatically using WP Cron. No manual work is needed.

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